NSF10 Monitor
NSF10 Monitor
NSF10 monitor uses force-displacement real-time curve to detect and evaluate product quality and production process to ensure assembly quality and achieve defect-free production of assembled parts.
The NSF10 monitor has a variety of force-displacement sensor input interfaces and monitoring graphic display functions. to meet the needs of different monitoring tasks.
model NSF10
Number of measurement channels/basic unit 1×XY
Measurement curve acquisition function y = f(x), y = f(t),
y = f(x,t), y = f(t)
Number of curve storage 3 million
Number of curve lookbacks 3 million
Single curve data point 8000个
Sample rate (pairs of XY values/sec) 10000
Acquisition data resolution 16 Bit
Number of independent measurement programs 128
Sensor X channel Potentiometer (0~5V resistance signal)
Grating ruler/encoder (A/B/Z direction pulse signal, RS485)
Sensor Y channel Force sensor (1~2mV/V differential signal)
Evaluation function UNI-BOX (window)
Line-X and Line-Y (lines)
Envelope type
NO-PASS (online signal)
Hysteresis (X+Y) Optional
Evaluation result output form OK, NOK, process values, curves,
trend displays, traffic lights
Control function Servo Motor Control Optional
Interface Ethernet(TCP/IP)
Profinet Optional
Data export format CSV,XML
Install Desktop installation
Wall mount
Monitor 10.4" color touch screen
Remote maintenance through Ethernet using VNC
In accordance with IEC/EN 60529 degree of protection IP40, IP65 (installed on the front panel)
Powered by 12~24Vdc
Relevant functions can be flexibly customized according to customer needs

NSF10 Monitor

Real-time curve inspection, assessing quality and production process

Ensuring assembly quality

Achieving defect-free production of assembled parts.

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