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Shanghai Tianmu is situated in the G60 High-tech and Innovation Corridor in Songjiang. We are a high-tech, specialized, and serves as a patent demonstration enterprise. The company is organized into three divisions: Military Products Division, Civil Products Division, and Intelligent Equipment Products Division. We have established multiple production lines for sensors and intelligent equipment, encompassing pressure sensors, displacement sensors, mechanical sensors, and temperature sensors.
The company has an international research and development team and has also hired over a dozen well-known experts and professors in the industry as technical advisors. Additionally, the company has R&D centers in Silicon Valley, Germany, and other countries and regions. We have the "Joint Laboratory of Rail Transit Safety Sensing Technology" and the "Joint R&D Center of Sensitive Materials and Sensing Technology," and we have participated in national programs such as "863" and "973," as well as other major projects.
The company has obtained GJB 9001C-2017, ISO9001, CE, RoHS, and other certifications. Our products are extensively utilized in aerospace, shipping, rail transportation, automotive, automation, and various other industries, with customers spanning across the globe.
The company upholds the values of "customer first, efficient innovation, cooperation and sharing, honesty, and responsibility." We strive to be your ideal partner.

Guarantee product quality, enhance process reliability and improve production efficiency
With the advent of the era of Industry 4.0, the requirements for refinement and intelligence in production have become more and more prominent. The high standard demand for the quality of products or production processes has penetrated into every industry involving mechanical finishing, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic, and medical equipment. TM intelligent pressing/tightening series products are designed and developed according to European standards. This product is used for process monitoring and automatic control to ensure product quality, enhance process reliability, improve production efficiency, and comprehensively improve the level of intelligent manufacturing in enterprises.