NSC50 Calibrator
NSC50 Calibrator
  • windows system
  • 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen
  • Support RS232 serial bus, RJ45 network interface
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • An HBM force sensor or torque sensor (optional)
  • A grating ruler (optional)
  • A displacement sensor or gauge block (optional)
  • software
  • Dynamic display of calibration waveforms, read device parameters
  • Historical verification data can be stored
  • Print and generate verification test report
With the long-term and frequent use of the equipment, aging and environmental factors, the function and measurement accuracy of the press-fit system and torque system will change. The NSC50 calibrator is to ensure the reliable measurement and test results of the press-fit system and torque system. It is designed for high-quality control and is used to calibrate the deviation of press-fit and torque systems to ensure accurate and reliable measurement of equipment.
The NSC50 calibrator has passed the national metrological certification, and the equipment can be equipped with a national secondary metrological certification certificate (including sensor measurement) when leaving the factory.